We have been dealing with Labor Consulting for over 30 years. Our customers are followed from the establishment to the management, until the conclusion of the employment relationship. Our mission is to provide the right operational support in compliance and application of current laws. For this reason we always know how to recommend the most optimal solution to deal with problems that may emerge.

Respect for the rules, as well as the rights of the interested parties, allows us to affirm, with force, that we know how to do our job well. The many customers who have entrusted us with the assignment and management of their staff demonstrate this.

Our target audience is micro, small, medium and large enterprises. However, we are also available for actual collaborations with professional firms, associations and EDCs to produce all the necessary documentation during the course of the working relationship.

Having completely changed the scenario of the working relationship in recent years, we are perfectly able to deal with the most complex issues even by virtue of the changed situations, as we are constantly updating on the new scenarios that we Have.


Our staff is in constant contact with our customers, just to keep them updated and informed about any new provisions.

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