Our services


Monthly fulfillments:

  • monthly pay statements for employees, co.co.co or co.co.pro, administrators, co-workers, casual, domestic, carers and self-employed workers.
  • preparation of payment lists, accounting records, also divided by cost centers and/or department, bills relating to trade union deductions, UNIEMENS model (transmitted via the internet to the INPS), industrial accounting records and payment lists (F24) including telematics sending via Entratel.


Annual requirements:

  • INAIL (self-liquidation) annual declaration preparation;
  • provision of the disabled annual information alpithel;
  • compiling certifications (CUD) within the statutory deadline or within 12 days of the discharged worker's request;
  • processing 730 models;
  • preparation of data for the calculation of IRAP;
  • preparation of data for the calculation of Industry Studies and for the tax return.

There is the possibility of agreeing further consultative services such as: the selection of staff, the possible organization of selection courses, update and legal assistance, also in the areas of trade union, social security, accident and tax.